Build with a choice!

Communities hosted with us have the unique option to choose from an array of available forum software scripts to base their forum on.

Unrestricted access

From the admin control panel of your script to your very own cPanel account access so you can have your rightful ownership to your content.

Custom Domain Names

All plans include a free subdomain option with a name of your choice, e.g. or — Many more to come!.

For a more professional feel, paid plans include the ability to use your own dedicated domain (, registered through a domain registrar such as iwantmyname, for no additional charge.

Data Portability & Plan Flexibility

Unlike other providers, we will never hold your data hostage or charge for a copy of your content should you choose to move to another provider.

Importing Data

If you have an existing forum, we will gladly import your data to our host. All data is unrestricted.