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Here are several causes that make our service worth paying attention to

  • Instant activation

    We value your time, thus you can forget waiting for manual account activation, your forum is online instantly so that you can start using our features right away.

  • Easy to use

    We will take care of the technical aspect so that you can focus on building your forum. Our servers are always updated so that you can benefit from top performance.

  • Easy to customize

    Extend your forum with dozens of themes and plug-ins which suit your needs. Manage every aspect of your website from the user friendly control panel and make changes at any time.

  • Uptime

    Downtime can cost you a lot, it can impact your current & potential members. We guarantee that our services will be online and available to you 99.9%* of the time. * Scheduled downtime is not included.

  • It suits your needs

    Our service will suit any forum, whatever it's about, your favorite movie, series, a hobby or your gaming clan. Make use of the pre-installed plug-ins and themes to create an outstanding forum.

  • And much more!

    Creating a forum takes less than a minute and your forum will be activated instantly. We are confident that you won't be disappointed! We promise!


When you create a forum with us, your domain gets a free unconditional SSL certificate! Meaning, your site could be securely accessed by anyone with the HTTPS protocol, i.e.,

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