Frequently asked questions

How can I create a new forum on

To create a new forum, simply sign up for an account and navigate to the dashboard. From there, you can click on the "Create Instance" button and follow the prompts to set up your forum.

Can I integrate with my existing website?

Yes, you can integrate with your existing website. provides a comprehensive API Console that exposes endpoints that allow you to design your forum anyway you want and embed directly into your website. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in the documentation.

How can I moderate user-generated content on my forum? provides a quick moderation system that allows you to manage user-generated content on your forum. From the dashboard, you can access the moderation tools to review and take action on reports for threads, posts, and user accounts.

How can I invite my team to join my forum?

To invite team members to join your forum, you can generate invitation links from your instances' dashboard. Simply enter their email addresses under the "Add New Members" section to generate a unique invitation link. You can also share the Invite Link with others to invite them to join your forum.

How do I set up user roles and permissions? provides a flexible CRUD-based user roles and permissions system through the API. Go to the API Console, and explore the Role and Roles endpoints. You can then assign these roles to users to control their access and privileges on the forum.

Can I migrate my existing forum to

Yes, you can migrate your existing forum to provides a migration tool that allows you to import your forum data from other platforms. Please contact support for more information on how to migrate your forum to

How can I monetize my forum?

As a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, lets you decide how and where to incorporate new features in the system via our extensible data model API.

How can I back up my forum data? automatically backs up your forum data on a regular basis. You can also manually create backups from the dashboard by clicking on the "Export Data" button. These backups can be downloaded and stored securely for future reference.

How do I integrate third-party services with my forum? facilitates your frontend to be able to connect with popular third-party services such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Zapier.

How can I get support for my forum? offers comprehensive support for forum administrators. You can access the support resources from the dashboard, including documentation, tutorials, and a community forum where you can ask questions and get help from other forum administrators.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you can navigate to the Billing page in your instance's dashboard. From there, you can find the option to switch your subscription back to the free plan.