Getting started

Getting started

Welcome to! This guide will help you get started with, from setting up your forum to managing it and customizing it to your liking.

Setting Up Your Forum

To get started with, you need to set up your forum. This involves creating an account, setting up your forum, and inviting members to join.

Creating an Account

To create an account, go to the homepage (opens in a new tab) and click the "Get started" button. You will be asked to either provide your email address or choose a social sign-in option. Once you have done this, you will be sent a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to confirm your account.

Setting Up Your Instance

Once you have confirmed your account, you can set up your forum instance. To do this, click the "Create Instance" button on the Dashboard. You will be asked to provide a name for your instance. Once you have done this, your forum instance will be created and you will be taken to the Dashboard. From here, you can navigate to the newly created instance to manage your forum, invite team members, and configure it as needed.

Inviting Members

To invite team members to your forum, navigate to the "Teams" section of the Dashboard and under "Add New Members", enter the new member email address. Once you have done this, an invitation will be sent to the members, and they will be able to join your instance workspace.

Accessing Your Forum

Once your forum is set up, you can access it via the API Console from the Dashboard. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Manage Users: Add, remove, and manage users of your forum.
  • Create Categories: Organize your forum by creating tags as categories.
  • Create Threads: Create threads to start discussions on your forum.
  • Create Posts: Create posts to contribute to discussions on your forum.
  • Moderate Content: Moderate threads and posts to ensure that your forum remains a safe and welcoming place for all members.

Next Steps

Now that you have set up your instance, you can start using the API Console with API Key available in the Settings page of your Dashboard, to build amazing forums. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to by creating a support ticket. We're here to help!